4726 - 20170129 - BELGIQUE - LA HULPE - Galaxie Erro - 01.10.2016-29.01.2017


The Folon Foundation, in cooperation with Jean Marchetti, presents about a hundred works: watercolours, collages, prints, paintings and enamelled plaques. They make it possible to understand the universe of Erró who, like an acrobat creating an infinitely rich and complex story, denounces the absurdity of contemporary society. Even if, at first sight, the image imposes itself, the codes for reading it appear beyond the immediate effect, demanding a deeper look.

The history of the modern world is expressed through the works of this prolific and deeply human artist; this genius of composition. A ferocious iconophile, always on the lookout for images (advertising, news photos, comic strips, posters, political documents, icons from art history, etc.), Erró reassembles and reuses the visuals that surround him like a precursor of the Internet, inventing forms of telling stories and creating puzzles with a brand new grammar and rhetoric. Collages, the basis for preparing his canvases, form an entirely creative activity.

The well-known international artist Erró (Guðmundur Guðmundsson) was born in 1932 in Ólafsvík, Iceland. Admitted to the College of Fine Arts in Reykjavik in September 1949, he obtained his art teacher’s diploma in 1951. He then studied engraving, frescoes and painting in Oslo, Norway, and mosaic art in Italy. He held his first exhibition in 1955 in Florence, at the Santa Trinità Gallery. Since 1958 he has lived in Paris, where his work appeared as part of the Narrative Figuration movement. Although he is considered one of its pioneers, his work is both Pop and Baroque at the same time. Neither conventional nor traditional, Erró goes beyond the boundaries of Pop Art and, although his style cannot be considered as belonging to Surrealism, Hyperrealism or even Social Realism, his work combines elements of each of these artistic movements.

Fondation Folon  - Galaxie Erro - 01.10.2016 - 29.01.2017