4772 - 20170630 - Belgium - Tongeren - Timeless Beauty - 17.12.2016-30.06.2017


This exhibition signals a departure from what you usually expect from the Gallo-Roman Museum. An evocative interplay of authentic objects, intriguing texts by Roman authors and sensual images by the art photographer Marc Lagrange, leading you deeper into the mysteries of feminine beauty.

How did women use make-up two thousand years ago? What kind of jewellery did they wear? What kind of items would a Roman beauty case contain? Practical implements and educational films provide an insight into how women in ancient Rome made themselves beautiful and pampered themselves.
Contemporary women also talk about their perceptions of their bodies.

Timeless Beauty: prepare yourself for a timelessly beautiful exhibition.

Gallo-Romeins Museum - Timeless Beauty - 17.12.2016-30.06.2017