4762 - 20170305 - BELGIË - OOSTENDE - Jules Schmalzigaug and the Futurist Cookbook - 29.10.2016-05.03.2017


Jules Schmalzigaug and the Futurist Cookbook pays homage to the brief but intense life of this Belgian Futurist. 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of Schmalzigaug's death in The Hague. He was the very first Belgian painter to feature at the heart of an international avant-garde movement: Italian Futurism. In fact, he reached the peak of his artistic career in 1914!

This retrospective looks back at the short but extremely powerful Futurist period which Schmalzigaug experienced in Italy and later as a refugee in The Hague.

Artistically inspired by the Italian Futurists Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Giacomo Balla, Umberto Boccioni, Carlo Carrà and Gino Severini, who regarded him as a talented kindred spirit and friend, his authentic style earned a great deal of respect.

This exhibition establishes a dialogue between Schmalzigaug's Futurism, that of his Italian associates and the work of other Belgian avant-garde artists such as Paul Joostens, Pierre-Louis Flouquet, Prosper De Troyer, Edmond Van Dooren and others who felt the influence of Futurism for a brief period after 1917.

Mu.Zee - Jules Schmalzigaug and the Futurist Cookbook  - 29.10.2016-05.03.2017