4708 - 20161009 - BELGIË - ANTWERPEN - Show Us The Money - 24.06.2016-09.10.2016


Secretary, photographed here in his office in Road Town, Tortola. There are over one million companies based in the BVIs but only 28,000 inhabitants. British Virgin Islands Paolo Woods & Gabriele Galimberti / INSTITUTE
Show Us The Money takes you on a journey to the world’s off-shore tax havens and corporate financial nerve centres. FOMU provides a glimpse of the structures that impact on all of us but which are themselves practically invisible. Three projects use very different artistic strategies to expose this global issue.

The ambitious photographic investigation The Heavens by Paolo Woods (NL, °1970) and Gabriele Galimberti (IT, °1977) confronts us with the reality of the so-called tax havens. The photographers registered their own company, The Heavens, in Delaware, where it rubs shoulders with the world’s largest multinationals. From Panama to Amsterdam and from Luxembourg to London, Woods and Galimberti travelled the world in order to give a face to this massive global practice.

With Wealth Management, Carlos Spottorno (HU, °1971) guides us through the visual world of his fictional WTF Bank. While the images are alluring, Spottorno’s ironic undertone is unmistakeable.

In You Haven’t Seen Their Faces, Daniel Mayrit (ES, °1985) appropriates the imagery of surveillance cameras to deny the most powerful people in Europe’s financial nerve centre – the City of London – the luxury of anonymity and to call on them to account for their role in the 2008 financial crisis.

Curator: Rein Deslé

FOMU - Show Us The Money - 24.06.2016-09.10.2016