4694 - 20160918 - BELGIË - LEUVEN - Aglaia Konrad - From A to K - 29.04.2016-18.09.2016

© Aglaia Konrad, Shaping Stones, 2008
Aglaia Konrad (°1960, Salzburg) roams through cities on all five continents. Through photos, films and installations, she not only focuses on exceptional buildings and the way cities transform, but also on representations of big cities and the role of photography therein. 
Aerial photographs of Canada or China alternate with a film about a house in northern Italy and black and white photos of the marble quarries in Carrara. 
With both older and new work, Aglaia Konrad’s first major solo exhibition shows the diversity of her oeuvre. In one room, she presents the exhibition experiment TOKONOMA, together with Suchan Kinoshita, Olivier Foulon, Jörg Franzbecker, Kris Kimpe, Willem Oorebeek, Eran Schaerf and Walter Swennen. She is also presenting a new work on the façade of Museum M. 
Museum M - Aglaia Konrad - From A to K - 29.04.2016-18.09.2016
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