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Mercator and Ortelius, two Flemish geographers

Gérard Mercator and Abraham Ortélius are considered as the founders of the modern geography. Both native of Flanders, they meet in 1554 and soon a friendship was born.Their work will revolutionize the cartography.

We owe, in 1569 the famous world map, to Mercator: on 21 engraved sheets, the earth surface takes the shape of an unrolled cylinder, punctuated with meridians and parallels.

One year later, Abraham Ortélius publishes the first edition of his atlas, the Theatrum orbis terrarum, which he is well-known for, as it is considered as the first atlas printed in a modern sense of the word. World maps had never been combined in a single publication before.

Through the discoveries of these brilliant cartographers, illustrated by a selection of books, old maps, measuring instruments but also paintings, the exhibition proposes an immersion in the 16th century, period of humanism and opening access to the knowledge.

Musée de Flandre - The cartography or the mirror of the world - 12.03.2016 - 12.06.2016