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We all visualize a witch as an ugly woman, who flies out of the chimney of her house on a broomstick. Above her open hearth she has a giant cauldron, in which she brews her magic potions, while her black cat warms itself against the heat of the fire. It is less well-known that this traditional image of witches was actually invented by Pieter Brueghel the Elder.

Find out more about this 'classic' depiction and the way it still exists today, about the witch trials of the Middle Ages, about the alleged powers of witches and about the customs relating to witchcraft in Bruges and the Netherlands. The witches and their world can be found at one of the most authentic locations in Bruges: the medieval attic of the Sint-Jan (St. John's) Hospital. From there, the witches will transport you on a journey into the city, over the rooftops, through the mist and into the night …

This exhibition also offers a number of extras: a witch dress-up corner, a photo gallery, a witch walk, a witch concert, readings, workshops, etc…

Sint-Janshospitaal - Bruegel's Witches - 25.02.2016-26.06.2016
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