4674 - 20160529 - BELGIQUE-MONS - Mapping Knowledge. Understanding the World through Data - 27.05.2016-29.05.2016

The world we live in is ruled by data.  Today there the volume of information has grown so huge that its complexity is almost impossible to grasp.  A discipline known as “data visualisation” has been created to deal with this upsurge of knowledge, and has recently been given a boost by the multiplication of IT tools, the advent of the Internet, the all-digital society, and Big Data.
However, this isn’t a new phenomenon.  For thousands of years, humans have been concerned with the visual representation of knowledge, as can be seen from ancient maps and graphic forms of writing, such as hieroglyphs.
This exhibition takes the shape of an interactive journey to the heart of knowledge. The Mundaneum invites visitors to travel through knowledge maps with surprising images, and immerse themselves in a visual world that uses a common graphic language, similar in many ways to the principles of geometric abstraction used by Mondrian, Malevitch and other modern artists.
This is a complex world, which is clarified and made intelligible by the simplicity of images, appealing as much to the feelings as to reason. The exhibition takes an entertaining, long-term look at graphic worlds, awakening inspiration and a new way of looking at knowledge.  It recounts the history of the subject, from its pioneers all the way through to the expectations of today, using a combined approach, involving art, science, design, and information architecture.
In fact, the visionary aim of the Mundaneum, under the umbrella of its founders, Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine, was to bring together all knowledge, and to provide a methodical response to the accumulation of new knowledge, which was to lead to the birth of the Information Society a few decades later…
The Mapping Knowledge exhibition will mark the reopening of the Mundaneum in 2015.  At the heart of this area dedicated to memory, the Mapping Knowledge exhibition takes a look at the complex nature of the world of today.
MUNDANEUM - Mapping Knowledge. Understanding the World through Data - 27.05.2016-29.05.2016