4670 - 20160410 - BELGIË-BRUSSSEL - Going Postal - 06.02.2016-10.04.2016


The Going Postal exhibit at BELvue Museum unveils the precious stamp collection of the Royal Museum for Central Africa for the first time. This initiative, joined by bpost and eminent private collectors in Belgium, gathers 300 or so pieces that together form a priceless heritage.

The exhibition also shows how stamps are produced, their iconography, the development of mail services, and Belgium’s presence in international trade throughout history.

In addition to the stamps themselves, the exhibition presents the preparatory work behind a stamp: sketches, drawings or engravings associated with prominent figures of Belgian art like Tuymans, Schuiten, and Alechinsky. Decorative objects and African art pieces that provided inspiration for several stamp series are also on display.

A must for budding and established philatelists, art lovers and connoisseurs, and the general public.

In the digital era, the postage stamp in all its artistry is still alive and well!

BELvue Museum - Going Postal - 06.02.2016 - 10.04.2016