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Gladiators - Heroes of the Colosseum

What was it like to live as a gladiator? To know that every day could be your last? But at the same time to be cheered by an arena full of 50,000 people and adored by the most beautiful women in Rome. The Gallo-Roman Museum in Tongeren takes you back to the world of Ancient Rome, to the Colosseum, with its public executions, wild animals and hooligans, back to a time when the shedding of blood was a popular pastime!

‘Gladiators – Heroes of the Colosseum’ provides the most authentic look yet at the life, fears and euphoria of the gladiators. A barbaric world? Not for the Romans. To them the bloody battles symbolised the military successes that made their kingdom so great. The gladiators were… their heroes!

This exhibition takes you to the Colosseum in Rome, from the bleachers to the catacombs to inside the arena. Interactives, videos, drawings, scale models, gladiator figures and animals bring the experience to life. You can almost feel the sand between your toes.

The grand finale? A darkened room that immerses you in the euphoric atmosphere in the arena during the ultimate fight between two gladiators

The intriguing décor does complete justice to the centuries-old pieces. Expect to see absolute masterpieces. Authentic weapons, spectacular helmets and leg guards, narrative headstones, idols, wall paintings, musical instruments and even… Roman graffiti. The exhibition features a first-rate collection of exceptional pieces on loan from a variety of European museums.

Gallo-Romeins Museum - Heroes of the Colosseum - 24.10.2015 - 03.04.2016