4618 - BELGIË-ANTWERPEN - Recent acquisitions - Recente aanwinsten - 14.08.2015-31.01.2016


The MUHKA-collection is always expanding. In our Recent acquisitions exhibition we present the recent purchases that help shape our existing collection. The basis for our acquisitions are: the avant-garde tradition in Antwerp from the 1960s onwards; the multipolarity of international relations; the importance of the ‘performative’ nature of art and the social engagement of contemporary art. The influence images have on our daily lives also plays a part in the acquisitions. In recent years our collection has been enriched by important works by Belgian-based artists, as well as artists from: Africa, Asia and North- and South America.

A number of key artists have been given a platform with the help of ARTtube, the online video channel lead by 15 Belgian and Dutch museums. The videos offer insight into the artistic process of these influential artists.

Recent acquisitions presents an overview of the M HKA-collection, an assemblage of works that is developed based on three main pillars: the image, the action and the society.

Artists: Victor Alimpiev & Marian Zhunin, Carla Arocha, Pedro Barateiro, Teresa Burga, Jan Cox, Jan De Cock, Jan De Lauré, Craigie Horsfield, Jean Katambayi, Maha Maamoun, Imran Quereshi, Ayman Ramadan, Bart Stolle, Narcisse Tordoir in collaboration with Alioune Bâ & Brehima Koné, Vanessa van Obberghen, Richard Venlet and Wout Vercammen.

Starting October 16th, recent acquisitions from Olga Chernysheva, Robert Filliou, Taus Makhacheva, Kerry James Marshall, Panamarenko, Rinus Van de Velde and Franz West are added to the exhibition.

MUKHA - Recent acquisitions - Recente aanwinsten - 14.08.2015-31.01.2016

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