4592 - BELGIË-ANTWERPEN - Drawing the city - 24.04.2015-19.07.2015


Vergilius Bononiensis, plan van Antwerpen © Tijdsbeeld

In the sixteenth century, Antwerp developed into an international commercial capital. Using views of the city, maps and historical prints, the exhibition 'Drawing the city' follows Antwerp’s varying fortunes during this turbulent period.

Using maps and plans, 'Drawing the city' follows the rapid development of Antwerp in the sixteenth century. Some maps have an underlying purpose: to glorify the city and draw attention to its special qualities.

Dramatic events
Historical prints and maps portray the city during dramatic events such as the destruction of religious images known as the Beeldenstorm and the Spanish Fury, but in peaceful scenes too, such as Joyous Entries and ice scenes, artists provide a detailed portrait of the city.

The map of Vergilius Bononiensis
Even today, many places in Antwerp are reminders of the urban transformations that took place in the Golden Age. The map of Vergilius Bononiensis shows Antwerp at the peak of its economic prosperity. A digital version of the map allows the visitor to explore the city centre digitally. In the exhibition, visitors can wander through Antwerp in 1565 on an enlarged version.

Museum Plantin-Moretus - Drawing the city - 24.04.2015-19.07.2015

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