4582 - BELGIË-BRUGGE - Collection presentation Amédée Cortier - 28.03.2015-11.11.2015


Amédée Cortier (1921-1976) was a Belgian painter and graphicist. In the 1940s he worked in an Expressionist style; in the 1950s he became a Cubist; and in the 1960s he switched to Abstractism. With his very pure and distilled art at the end of the 1960s he tapped into the popular international trend of the day, in which colour was central. His work of this period is now generally regarded as 'fundamental art'. In 1973, the Groeningemuseum acquired its first important painting by Cortier. In 1992-1993 a new ensemble was put together that covered the artist's full career. It shows the evolution that Cortier underwent from figurative to more abstract, minimalist art. Like the Dan Van Severen ensemble exhibited last year, Cortier's paintings have an extra spiritual dimension. Although his pieces are generally smaller than those of his American contemporaries working in the same style, such as Newman, Reinhardt and Rothko, Cortier's colours create the same perception of consciousness. This exhibition contains paintings, drawings, a model and a documentary section.

Groeningemuseum - Collection presentation Amédée Cortier - 28.03.2015 - 11.11.2015

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