4570 - BELGIË-LEUVEN - Peter Buggenhout - 12.03.2015-31.05.2015

© Peter Buggenhout | Gorgo #27
Peter Buggenhout (1963, Dendermonde) constructs sculptural installations out of industrial and found materials. At first sight, his works look like the remains of destroyed or abandoned structures. Beneath the constructions' formal complexity, however, lies a carefully developed internal logic.

Buggenhout works with what he describes as abject material: everyday objects detached from their original context and then reused. By covering many of his sculptures with dust, he attempts to neutralize any symbolic value. To Buggenhout, dust is a material without meaning, consisting only of leftovers. And yet it's capable of transforming objects by accentuating form, while colour and material fade to the background. Buggenhout makes both small compositions on plinths and monumental, freestanding sculptures and installations that fill a whole space.

This first major solo exhibition in Belgium presents a retrospective of his varied work from the late 1990s until today. The exhibition brings together works from existing series, maquettes, large dust sculptures, a series of new smaller work in display cases, and two large monumental installations.
Peter Buggenhout’s work has recently been featured at MoMA/PS1 New York, La Maison Rouge and Palais de Tokyo in Paris, at the Frankfurter Kunstverein, De Pont Tilburg and TRACK in Ghent. He is represented by Konrad Fischer Düsseldorf-Berlin, Laurent Godin Paris and Barbara Gladstone New York.

M -Museum - Peter Buggenhout -12.03.2015 - 31.05.2015

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