4558 - BELGIË - POPERINGE - Raoul Servais - Pigeons - 14.11.2014-10.05.2015



A dove is the universal symbol for peace and tolerance, but during the First World War real doves were also used as a means of communication and espionage, a paradox emphasising the absurdity of war. During these years of horror, front line soldiers, in crisis situations, sometimes observed paranormal phenomena. These unexplained happenings were a response and relief to some soldiers where there was a thin line between life and death. The phenomena were the inspiration for four tales (animated films) by Raoul Servais.
As a great part of Europe was involved in this war, many nationalities will be discussed. Belgians, French, Germans, British, Italians and Senegalese will each get their own place in the exhibition. Like a dove soaring over the battlefield, each visitor will be lifted over the limitations set by borders and nationalities. The ultimate aim is to emphasise the madness of this – and any – war.
Talbot House Museum - Raoul Servais - Pigeons - 14.11.2014 - 10.05.2015
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