4530 - BELGIË - ELSENE-BRUSSEL - PAUL DELVAUX unveiled - 23.10.2014-18.01.2015

Paul Delvaux, Les Courtisanes, 1944 © Paul Delvaux Foundation, St-Idesbald-Koksijde, Belgium, photo V Everarts, Bruxelles 2013

The Museum of Ixelles presents the carefree and sensitive world of the famous Belgian master, Paul Delvaux.
A non-conformist and original exhibition PAUL DELVAUX unveiled revisits the work of the artist by highlighting six omnipresent pictorial themes of femininity, mystery, dreams, escapism, loneliness and theatricality.
Under close scrutiny from the keen eyes of curators, art historians, art critics and collectors, the unique approach of such themes reveals a richness, depth and poetic force in the work of Paul Delvaux.

Museum van Elsene    23.10.2014 - 18.01.2015

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