DENMARK - HUMLEBAEK - Emil Nolde Retrospective - 04.07.2014-19.10.2014


This summer’s major exhibition at Louisiana is Emil Nolde. Nolde (1867-1956) is a classic – whether for his almost spontaneously combustible watercolors of poppies and other colorful natural phenomena or his distinctive expressionist love of the primitive, the simple.

But Nolde is not just a powerful colorist. His work is large and complex, and with the exhibition at Louisiana, which is assembled together with the Städel Museum in Frankfurt, visitors can experience the most comprehensive retrospective presentation of the painter in several decades – and thus also new dimensions of his work.

Nolde is a German artist, but his proximity to Denmark, both biographically and geographically, also makes him part of Danish art history. His influence has been great; he brought painting over the edge of the presentable into a violent, dramatic space where both religious passion and bodily ecstasy thrive and where his birthplace and the exotic in remote regions live side by side.

The exhibition is divided into 11 thematic chapters following a loose chronology, starting with Nolde’s EARLY WORKS and ending with UNPAINTED PICTURES.

The exhibition has been organized in collaboration with the Städel Museum in Frankfurt and the Nolde Foundation in Seebüll.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art       04.07.2014 - 19.10.2014

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