SPAIN - BILBAO - Georges Braque - 13.06.2014-21.09.2014


Georges Braque
Nature morte à la nappe rouge, 1934
Oil on canvas
81 x 101 cm
Collection particulière
© Georges Braque, VEGAP, Bilbao, 2014
Photo © Laurens / Leiris SAS Paris

Georges Braque (1882−1963) is one of the 20th century’s major artists. A painter, sculptor, and engraver he played the lead part in two essential chapters in the history of modern art: the creation, with Pablo Picasso and Juan Gris, of Cubism, and the invention of collage thanks to his experiments with papiers collés (“pasted papers”). He later focused his work on the methodological exploration of still life and landscape painting. Braque became the modern French painter par excellence, heir to classical tradition and representative of the avant-garde, precursor of post-war abstraction. This major retrospective of his work, organized to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his death, covers all periods of his career, from his fauve years—he exhibited with the young fauve artists at the 1907 Salon des Indépendants—until his last series dedicated to the artista studios and birds, with specific emphasis on the most outsanding periods of his work, such as Cubism, his Canephore paintings of the 1920s or his last landscapes, so greatly admired by Nicolas de Staël.

Thanks to the extraordinary loans from the Centre Georges Pompidou and other important international collections, the exhibition brings together some 250 pieces, among which are great masterpieces and documentary materials that throw light on other aspects of his activity, such his collaboration with Pablo Picasso, the resonance between his art and music (where his close friendship with Erik Satie stands out), his affinity with poets including Pierre Reverdy, Francis Ponge, and René Char and important intellectuals of his time such as Carl Einstein and Jean Paulhan. This exhibition places the work of the grand master of Cubism, Georges Braque, in the place he deserves in the history of art and offers visitors the possibility to rediscover a demanding, inquisitive, and intelligent work.

Guggenheim Bilbao     13.06.2014 -21.09.2014

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