DEUTSCHLAND - KOBLENZ - FABRIZIO PLESSI - Suiviaggio: On traveling - 15.06.2014-17.08.2014


Fabrizio Plessi Llaüt, Installation,
Ludwig Museum Budapest, 2014 © Fabrizio Plessi

Based on the exhibition Llaüt, presented 2011 exhibition in Majorca, Fabrizio Plessi will be showing in the Ludwig Museum Koblenz the installation "Llaüt/ Light" (the Catalan word for "boat"), a serial of ten Majorcan boats incorporated within a light and sound installation by the English composer Michael Nyman. The exhibition in the Ludwig Museum Koblenz presents also the video installation Liquid Tables (2014) as well as Liquid Labyrinth (2014), a new series of sixteen large-sized works, in which Plessi reflects the major places of his life and works, seen during his numerous journeys round the world (Europe, India, Japan).

The work of Italian artist Fabrizio Plessi (born 1940, Reggio Emilia) combines elementary materials, such as wood, stone and metal, which are reinterpreted with the introduction of electronic media. The materials selected by Plessi refer to the cultural inheritance of mankind, to nature and to the histories connected with them. Furthermore, the humanisation of the technology through communication, art and traditions is a central aspect of his oeuvre. By relating the electronic reservoir of the present to nearly archaic materials he transforms his installations into magic places, where he always connect reality with dream, virtuality with materiality, beauty with perishability in view of a condicio humana that is permanently in transformation – a mankind within a postmodern world.

On account of the big fishing fleets the simple fishermen who provide for their families and the local market have long since become an endangered species. The artist's boats already represent a cautionary monument to our industrialised world in which individual and cultural identity is increasingly disappearing.

The Ludwig Museum's location at the juncture of the Rhine and Mosel rivers leads to interesting perspectives and perceptual parallels. Boats are a manifestation of travel and, above all, trade. The two rivers are equally symbolic of all this. In addition, the exhibition here will be supplemented by a small selection of large-format drawings by Plessi. The exhibition will first be shown in the Ludwig Museum in Budapest (beginning in early February 2014) and afterwards in Koblenz. This collaboration between the two Ludwig Museums is supported by the Ludwig Foundation, Aachen and Sparkasse Koblenz. On the occasion of the exhibition a catalogue with texts by Beate Reifenscheid, Julia Fabényi and Anna Bálványos

Ludwig Museum Koblenz        15.06.2014 - 17.08.2014

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