DANMARK - ISHOJ - Carl-Henning Pedersen 100 Years


This year the Danish COBRA painter would have been 100 years old. To mark the occasion ARKEN is showing a major exhibition of over 200 of the artist’s paintings, watercolours, drawings, sculptures, mosaics, ceramic works and poems.

The exhibition is showing works from the whole of Carl-Henning Pedersen’s artistic career from the end of the 1930s up to his death in 2007.

The artworks in the exhibition have been carefully selected from among the many thousand that Carl-Henning Pedersen created over seven decades. He had a very strong urge to create and throughout his life he sought to conjure up the direct, spontaneous image. He sought the purity of the child and drew inspiration from so-called primitive folk art from all over the world. Birds, masks, suns, stars, horses, sea and sky are recurring symbolic features of his imagery, and his art is inspired by the free universe of dreams.

ARKEN  02.02.2013 - 11.08.2013

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