SPAIN - BARCELONA - 5th Anniversary 2007/2012. Josep Suñol Collection


Lugán, Luis

Silla/bolas and Silla/luz y sonido, 1976

Five years after opening the Fundació, Josep Suñol believes it is time to offer a fresh insight into his collection which spans the last fifty years of creation. The aim is to explain new works and concepts, this time by genre or subject, that can help us understand the function of art in society.

In order to set out and explain artistic language as an educational endeavour, we have grouped the selected subjects under the following headings: Faces, Writings, Dreams, Bodies, Abstractions and Geometries, Landscapes, Expressionisms and Resistances.

The contents exhibited on the first and second floor of the Passeig de Gràcia 98, offer a magnificent journey through the last fifty years of artistic creation.

Careful analysis of these chapters reveals each artist’s visual zeal, which strikes up a dialogue with visitors thanks to the use of bold expressive forms. Each artist sees, transforms, arranges and experiments, first with themself and then with us. They stress the value of each image, each piece, and help us interact with them and discern what is really valuable, with or without the necessary ambivalences entailed by creation, within the complex yet fascinating mutation of thought turned into image.

The works are linked, compared and contrasted, and by understanding this game we can appreciate the patterns of history, which are never closed or linear, but are created by a host of communicative acts we will have to learn to notice and examine.

The exhibition 5th anniversary shows and analyzes the work of more than 70 national and international very well known artists, as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Man Ray, Zush, Jaume Plensa, Luis Gordillo, Alighiero Boetti, Salvador Dalí and Antoni Tàpies, among many others.

For the catalogue of the exhibition, we had the collaboration of Rosa Queralt and Valentin Roma, who have written the texts accompanying the images. Rosa Queralt gives a detailed description of the key events that left their mark on the visual arts in Spain from the mid-1970s to the late 1980s, that becomes a unique analysis of that period. In a different vein, Valentín Roma gives us a conceptual and poetic introduction to the criteria underpinning each chapter in this exhibition, providing a wise approach to the visual reading of art we want to transmit.

We believe this exhibition clearly sets out the principles and interests that led Josep Suñol to bring together, exhibit and explain his collection of contemporary art over the last five years.

Fundació Josep Suñol   28.09.2012 - 02.03.2013

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