FINLAND - HELSINKI - Kaj Franck - Universal Forms

Photo by Rauno Träskelin / Design Museum.

The summer season of 2011 at Design Museum will feature Kaj Franck – Universal Forms, the main exhibition of the centenary of the birth of an iconic Finnish designer, Professor Kaj Franck (1911-89).

This exhibition provides a kaleidoscopic view of the oeuvre of this established designer and the starting points of his work in design. Its themes include Kaj Franck's relationship with the old industrial heritage, vernacular artefact culture and Japanese culture. The objects on display illustrate the designer's techniques, his choices of materials and principles of design, while revealing the course of the design process from sketches to finished products. Kaj Franck's strong aesthetic views, his open-minded design thinking and rational practical approach are demonstrated by both mass-produced and unique objects on display.

The exhibits include glass, ceramics, textiles, furniture and plastic and metal objects from Franck's extensive output. This selection encompasses Kaj Franck's work in design from over four decades, from the 1940s to the 1980s. The internationally best-known objects include unique, one-off glass and Iittala's Teema tableware items, which have been sold in the millions.

This exhibition explores Franck's various roles, as an artist, an industrial designer, an influential figure of the design community, a teacher of design and in private life. It also reflects less-known aspects of Franck's work, such as the design of textiles and gardens. Photographs and correspondence represent private aspects, along with letters from Franck's travels and drawings for the children of friends. The exhibition programme also features workshops and lectures for children and other visitors, introducing Kaj Franck's work to the younger generation.
Designmuseo   15.06.2011 - 25.09.2011
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