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Hatoum's sculpture ‘Natura Morta' of 18 Murano glass hand-grenades has been installed amongst the Gallery's Arthur Miller Collection of Eighteenth-century Irish Glass, an intervention that generates new meanings relating to Ireland's troubled modern political history. The colourful and decorative appearance of the glass is subverted once the viewer recognises that these objects are ciphers of ambiguity and threat.

A series of exciting interventions in the 18th century house and new wing galleries from major private collections, by international contemporary artists exploring traditional craft techniques such as ceramics, textiles, wood carving, glass and taxidermy. Artists include Grayson Perry, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst and Polly Morgan. Organised in association with Artwise Curators.

Pallant House Gallery 02.10.2010-06.03.2011

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