ESPANA - BILBAO - The Golden Age of Dutch and Flemish Painting from the Städel Museum

Jan Vermeer van Delft (Delft, 1632-Delft, 1675) The Geographer 1669 - Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main

This exhibition presents a complete selection of works from the Städel Museum in Frankfurt am Main. Founded in 1816, the Städel Museum is home to one of Europe's most important collections of 17th-century art, with a particular emphasis on Dutch and Flemish painting. This genre constituted the cornerstone of the collection amassed by Johann Friedrich Städel (1728-1816), which was used to found the museum that now bears his name. The exhibition features iconic works by the leading masters of the Golden Age, offering an interesting reflection on how this period-a time of extraordinary historical and artistic interest-promoted the development of new pictorial genres and the redefinition of other traditional ones such as landscapes, portraits, still lifes, or historical paintings.

Guggenheim Bilbao 07.10.2010 - 23.01.2011

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