Shows featuring the MACBA Collection are visual journeys in which the visitor can consider its contents from various points of view, assisting them in their reading and understanding of Contemporary Art. Likewise, they aim to show, from a local point of view, the fact that historical narratives are constructed upon a basis of conflict between hegemonic and sub-alternative stances. The result of that is an aesthetic strategy that includes previously unpublished situations between the private and public, which reconstruct the past and the present and which, though a work of art’s action, facilitates unexplored relationships between historical or biographical events, artistic innovations, and a wider sense of the cultural community. MACBA Collection shows, therefore, are not simply based on chronological criteria, but choose to highlight specific moments in Contemporary Art History according to the past year’s acquisitions.

Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona 07.07.2010 - 16.01.2011

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