ARKEN’s exhibition THE WILD EIGHTIES is showing the wild, intense, visual ‘loud’ works that brought back painting with a bang to the Danish art scene at the start of the 1980s. After the political art and minimalism of the sixties and seventies a group of very young artists looked out their paint, brushes and spray cans; their works were big, colourful and quickly executed, and to this day they bear witness to the energy of the milieu in which they were made.
With their anti-authoritarian, devil-may-care behaviour the artists contributed to the spirit of the period in the 1980s, when the punk movement was making its mark. Artis¬tically, the period was typified by exchanges among the various arts – music, poetry readings and performance art were regular features of the exhibition openings.
THE WILD EIGHTIES offers an opportunity – thirty years later – to look back on the period around 1980 with the eyes of today and ask what ‘wild painting’ was all about. What sort of period did it grow out of? And how can we look at it today?
The exhibition presents 95 paintings and sculptures by 13 artists from the Danish scene as well as works by six of the German artists of the time who went under the name of Die Neuen Wilden. Their intense style of painting inspired their Danish colleagues to take brush in hand and thus follow the trends on the international art scene.
THE WILD EIGHTIES draws on archive material from the period – reviews, photographs, filmed performances, poetry and music, all forming a sounding-board for the artists’ paintings and helping to give a picture of the 1980s as a moment in history.

Arken Museum of Modern Art 04.09.2010 - 30.01.2011

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