The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao presents a monographic exhibition on Anish Kapoor, one of the most influential sculptors on the contemporary international scene. The show was tremendously successful at the Royal Academy of Arts in London and has been organized in close collaboration with the artist. The works of the artist Anish Kapoor (b. Bombay, India, 1954) on display are mostly large format pieces created in the last 30 years. Interaction with the audience is a key component of these works.
The works incorporate intense coloring and rich textures achieved using industrial materials such as cement, weathering steel, aluminum, wax, resins, and pigments and are created with the aim of inspiring and elicitingsensations in the observer.
The works clearly interact with the architecture and the surrounding space, and in several cases were designed specifically for public outdoor spaces.

Guggenheim Bilbao 16.03.2010 - 12.10.2010

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