Finland - Helsinki - Finnish Jewellery

This exhibition is the first comprehensive presentation of Finnish jewellery from antiques to contemporary conceptual art jewellery. It follows changes in the meanings and design of jewellery over the decades. Exhibits includes masterpieces made by jewellers of the Fabergé era in St. Petersburg, elegant cameo pieces by Eva Gyldén from the 1920s, uncluttered jewellery design from the 1950s by Elis Kauppi, Bertel Gardberg, Börje Rajalin and Paula Häiväoja, Björn Weckström’s forceful Lapponia jewellery of the 1960s, and the most interesting achievements of the jewellery industry and designers from recent decades.

Design Museum 16.10.2009 - 24.01.2010

Website : City of Helsinki

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