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Developed in cooperation with the S.M.A.K. in Ghent, this exhibition explores the term picturesque that emerged in the 18th century. Since this time landscape as a specific cultural format has defined how we perceive nature. Today, artists are confronted by mixed agricultural land use where it is no longer possible to draw a clear line between the center and periphery, city and surroundings or nature and culture. The exhibition attempts to ascertain whether and how art can still (or once again) express the concept of ’picturesque’ with a view to examining current questions on the concept and perception of landscape.
Participating Artists:Marcel Berlanger (BE), Katja Davar (GB), Marc De Blieck (BE), Damien De Lepeleire (BE), Alexis Destoop (BE), Robert Devriendt (BE), Peter Duka (DE), Cyprien Gaillard (FR), Andreas Gefeller (DE), Geert Goiris (BE), Ellen Harvey (GB), Sylvia Henrich (DE), Axel Hütte (DE), Jan Kempenaers (BE), Folke Köbberling/Martin Kaltwasser (DE), Jussi Kivi (FI), Mark Klett (US), Susanne Kutter (DE), Oliver Lutz (US), Helen Mirra (US), Mariele Neudecker (DE), Hans Op De Beeck (BE), Peter Piller (DE), Rapedius/Rindfleisch (DE), Katrin Sigurdardottir (IS), Joel Sternfeld (US), Monica Studer / Christoph van den Berg (CH), Richard Sympson (IT), Mungo Thomson (US), John Timberlake (GB), Mario Garcia Torres (MX), Wouter Verhoeven (NL), Christian Vetter (CH)
Selected Historical Landscape Paintings:Jacob van Ruisdael (NL), Caspar David Friedrich (DE),Heinrich Funk (DE), Gerhard Richter (DE)

Marta Herford 03.10.2009 - 10.01.2010

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