España - Bilbao - The Splender of the Renaissance in Aragon

Juan de Juanes - Portrait of Alphonce V - 1557

Through a selection of one hundred or so works, including paintings, sculptures, drawings and articles in precious metals, the exhibition shows how art evolved in Aragon in the 15th and 16th century. Many of the works on show come from the Museum of Zaragoza, where ongoing reformation work has made this exceptional loan possible. Inaugurated here in Bilbao, the exhibition will subsequently travel to Valencia and finally to Zaragoza itself. Besides this core selection, a good number of loans have come from other museums and institutions, whose cooperation has facilitated this complete overview of the Renaissance in Aragon.
Following guidelines established in the 15th century, art, and sculpture, in particular enjoyed an unprecedented period of splendour in Aragon, which, thanks to the abundance of commissions, lasted the whole of the next century. The exhibition begins with some remarkable examples of 15th-century Gothic art, including works by sculptors Pere Joan, Miguel Ximénez and Martín Bernat and painters Bartolomé Bermejo and Blasco de Grañén. The show culminates in the splendour of the 16th century Renaissance, embodied in the work of leading artists of the period, such as the sculptors from the family and circle of Damián Forment, Basque sculptor vasco Juan de Anchieta, and painters Juan de Juanes and Jerónimo Cosida. Also included are a number of international works, mostly from Flanders and Italy, which exerted no little influence on art in the region.

Bilbao Fine Arts Museum
15 June - 20 September, 2009

Website : http://www.museobilbao.com/