United Kingdom - Bath - Sophie Ryder

One of Britain's brightest and most innovative young sculptors, Sophie Ryder returns to Bath after a gap of a decade with this show of new work. Many people will remember that large minotaurs and hares made from bronze and wire that populated the city in 1999.
In her new work, Ryder is less concerned with narratives involving a cast of several characters. Now the focus is much more on single figures and, more particularly, their inner states of being – often reflected by the enclosed or encircling poses that they adopt.
These inner states include sleeping, dreaming, watchfulness, withdrawal and self-protection. They reflect the artist's concern for recent events that have had a global impact, such as 9:11 and the ever present threat from terrorism and environmental disasters.
Also incuded are giant wire drawings and sculptures of hands and eyes, isolated from their anatomical contexts. These pieces underline the humanity that lies at the core of Ryder's work, even in the 'hybrid' figures that are half animal and half human.